We are very pleased and honored to invite you to ITMNR-9, The 9th International Topical Meeting on Neutron Radiography and ART'20, The 13 International Conference on non-destructive investigations and microanalysis for the diagnostics and conservation of cultural environmental heritage, which will be held in our city. We hope that you will enjoy the Conferences and that your interaction with your colleagues from many different countries will stimulate a creative exchange of ideas and will be personally rewarding.
Non-destructive analysis has turned out to be a crucial method to achieve more successful and long-lasting preservation of works of art and environmental heritage.
The special focus of ITMNR-9 is on Neutron Imaging for "Applications of Neutron Imaging for Science, Industry and Heritage
October in Argentina
October is the beginning of spring in Argentina. As the climate begins to warm in the southern hemisphere, it provides the perfect spring time for those traveling to this land. In early spring, after winter in the metropolitan area, the cold begins to drop, becoming a moderate and pleasant climate. It is the ideal moment to enjoy the charm of Buenos Aires.
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16 Oct
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Buenos Aires the birthplace of the tango is, like the dance itself, captivating, seductive and bustling with excited energy. Charming old neighborhoods are rife with romantic restaurants and thumping nightlife and its European heritage is evident in its people, architecture, boulevards and parks. In this wonderful city, two international scientific events will be developed that will have the entire scientific community of our specialties in a frame of reference of great importance.
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The Official Travel Agent will manage and offer a wide choice of categories and rates at walking distance from the congress venue. We recommend do not contact the hotel directly, special rates will be available for congresses attendees only through the Official Travel Agent. Soon, we will inform in this web site about alternative accommodation as well as booking instructions.

The Organizer Committees of The ITMNR-9 2020 and ART 20, 13 th International Conference has named Covitour as Official Travel Agent, in order to provide accommodation services in Buenos Aires as well as Transfer from/to the airports and tourist service in Argentina, as well as transfers to the conferences venue.
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Freire 1512 (1427) Buenos Aires - Argentina
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The month when the congress will be held is the most ideal time to visit the breath-taking spectacle of the Iguazú falls in a subtropical rain forest, the imposing setting of mountains, valleys and the irresistible attractive of the “Humahuaca creek” in the Argentine’s North West. Besides in October, like every year, Patagonian forests are filled of red and allow extraordinary vision famous Perito Moreno Glacier, declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

The Organizer Committee of The ITMNR-9 2020 and ART 20, 13th International Conference, recommend taking guaranteed services and has requested to the Official Travel Agent, to plan some tours exclusively for attendees. Registering for one or more of these tours will allow the opportunity to travel with other colleagues and friends enjoying the marvellous attractions of this county with group rates.

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The 9th International Topical Meeting on Neutron Radiography (ITMNR-9) and, the 13th International Conference on non-destructive research and microanalysis for the diagnosis and conservation of cultural and environmental heritage (art’20) and ITMNR-9 will be held simultaneously. As some sessions will share the audience for both events, opportunities to share neutron radiography applications as a non-destructive tool in cultural heritage research will therefore improve.
on non-destructive investigations and microanalysis for the diagnostics
and conservation of cultural and enviromental heritage